Dr. Leanne Osgood

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Dr. Leanne Osgood is a clinical psychologist, specializing in working with children, teens, and young adults, including those with learning disabilities, attention difficulties, executive function challenges, emotional challenges, and autism.

Dr. Osgood has expertise in supporting children with complex profiles by identifying ways to help their strengths support them in the areas that are most challenging.  She uses assessment results to provide diagnostic clarity, to identify goals, and to create plans to help support areas of relative strength and weakness.

Prior to joining the practice, Dr. Osgood worked to support students in a variety of settings, including those in independent schools, public and charter schools, and children support organizations.  In addition to assessment, Dr. Osgood served as a school-based therapist for elementary through high school aged children.  She also specialized in trauma- and attachment- informed care.

Dr. Osgood is passionate about making the assessment experience accessible, comfortable, and effective for children and families.  She is able to use her background in therapy to make children comfortable, thus enabling them to be themselves and perform in line with their true abilities.

Outside of work, Dr. Osgood mentors students from her alma mater as they navigate life after college.  She is also very excited about sports, cooking, and woodworking.

Dr. Osgood earned B.A.’s in Psychology and Sociology from Pennsylvania State University, and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from William James College in Newton, MA.